About Moi!

ALOOOOHA and welcome to Handmade Life.

I am Erin. Just a girl living and crafting in paradise.  Basically an all around nut when it comes to crafts, sewing, making jewelry and just about anything else that will keep my hands busy. Yes I totally am that girl that couldn't sit still as a child.  Luckily I have found a way to put that energy to good use.

When able, I work to combine handmade and Eco friendly  to give you items that are truly unique and sustainable to our environment.

100% Handmade in Hawaii

I'm just living to  Craft. Create & Conserve

To learn more about Handmade Life please visit my web page at http://www.handmadelifehawaii.com/
BLOG: http://www.handmadelifehawaii.blogspot.com/

In return I would love to hear from all of you crafty people in blog land either whether it be just to say hello or give a nifty tip. I would like to offer this blog as a source of inspiration in your future creative endeavors.

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