Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Bib for a Birthday...

Who says grownups don't need bibs!   Well certainly not my bosses girlfriend. When I'm not creating goodies for Handmade Life Hawaii, I'm a waitress and a bartender in the service industry.   A few evenings a week I work at a little pizzeria called Bianellis, Owned by a good friend and Italian food genius George Goldstien.   The other night Georges girlfriend told me his birthday was around the corner and she new just what to get him.  A Bib!  After I stopped laughing I realized she was serious.  I guess she was tired of trying to get marinara out of his whites.  Anyhow,  Since it was his birthday I wanted to make it a little special.  She told me his favorite color was blue and she wanted his name on it.  So this is what I came up with.  

 My home is just riddled with plastic shopping bags so every now and then I recycled them by fusing a bunch together.  I thought this would be the perfect project to do so since it would make the bib easier to clean.  If you look closely you'll find a Ross dress for less, a Lowe's hardware store and even a Walmart shopping bag.
 I used any bags that had blue in them to keep the color scheme the same and paired it with some beautiful organic cotton for the back. A little embroidery around the name and voila.  A bib for a grownup!

I was a little nervous when she gave it to him thinking he might find the whole thing a little silly but to my delight he loved it!  Here he is Rockin out in his brand new bib!

And since it is Macro Monday I decided to use a shot of Georges Birthday Bib, So here it is.
The fused plastic has the texture of faux leather so soft  but surprisingly sturdy.

Don't forget to head on over to Studio Waterstone for more photos from the Macro Crew.
Hope everyone has a smooth start to a wonderful week.

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