Thursday, February 23, 2012

Keeping the ball rolling...

Well in the whirlwind that was the holidays I am back to say that keeping up a blog is not my strong suit.  Be that as it may I will do my best to check in with you all as often as possible.   So to recap on the past few months I thought best to do so in photos over the next couple of days.

December was a wonderful month.   I never knew how crazy holiday shoppers could be.  That being said I'm oh so glad they were shopping at my booth.   Next year I plan to be ready for the holiday craft show hype.

As I mentioned before I moonlight as a waitress when I'm not knee deep in fabric scraps.  This December my boss was nice enough to let me host a small event on the dance floor of our restaurant.  I am thrilled to say it was a great success.   Everyones booth was so festive I cant wait to turn it in to an annual affair.

Lulus Cocktails, Crafts, and Mistletoe
December 10, 2011

Me holding down the fort at my booth...

                             Tonyas booth from Primal Artistry with lovley feather accessories.

                                          Jamie with Kona Surf Swimwear... Oh so cute Bikinis!

As far as January and February go Life has been its normal kind of crazy.  Building inventory and conjuring up new designs for spring.  Here are a few in the store as of today.  More to come throughout the week

Hope all is well with everyone.

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